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October 4, 2001 11:47am
Oh my, I'm finally updating the news, I'm really sorry for the lack of updates lately.  I feel really bad that I've been so lazy.  I'm going to try to get back into the swing of things now that I'm finally settled into the new apartment, school, and work.  Hopefully now there will be some calm and this page will get the regular updates that it has deserved.  When I loaded up the page I noticed that I'm approaching 1000 visitors, cool huh.  Maybe if it gets regular updates then it will be like it used to be with about 30 or so people a day.  Well we'll see.  Is everyone as shocked as I am about all the events that's happened the last couple weeks?  I still can't believe that happened.  I'm sure that we'll catch the responsible party.  I've also noticed that the people of the US are in two categories for the most part...the first is a sense of fear and the second group is the patriotic.  All right...time to get some to everyone soon.

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