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News want some news? Well you've come to the right place (or at least I hope), I'll try to keep this page updated with stuff going on with me or anything else interesting. For more Jason news look at this page, it is the news page from Amanda and Jason.

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August 28, 2001 11:13am
Wow, look at me updating the page, been awhile huh?  I don't think that this is going to be a very long update, just catch you up on everything new, which isn't all that much.  Right now school is underway and everything is going ok there.  I'm also working now, I work in the computer department at Best Buy.  Right now I'm working full time about 35-40 hours a week, so far I like the job.  This past weekend I had a drill weekend, it was weapon qualification so I got to blast away with a SAW all weekend.  That is always fun.  You know shooting a couple hundred rounds in a matter of a minute or two.  I'm sorry about the webcam not being up, but until we get ADSL again, there won't be a webcam because the dialup account we are using just doesn't cut it for the camera, sorry everyone, I know that you are just dying to peek in on me.  Speaking of that, we moved to a new apartment.  It's only a two bedroom and it's about perfect for Amanda and I.  It still has the "moved in" feeling until everything gets perfectly organized.  Once that is done it will be much much better!  Well, if I don't update before Labor Day weekend hopefully everyone has a good one!  

August 10, 2001  6:24pm
Hello everyone, it's Jason again.  I just wanted to update the page really quick now that I'm back.  I  completed US Army Infantry School and now I'm settling into the same old back home.  I bought a car, a 1995 Mitsubishi Eclipse, and I'm trying to find a job.  Hopefully all goes well.  School starts on the 20th so time is really flying by...I can't believe I've been home as long as I've been already.  I fixed the webcam today so now you can check in...but I'm not hanging around the computer as much as before I left.  Gotta work hard at school this year...and can't get computer hooked right off the get go.  Well...just glad to be back hopefully your summer went well!

July 17, 2001

Sorry about no news.  I guess I haven't been very motivated to do much this summer.  Jason keeps making fun of me and calling me lazy...I guess he's right though.  Oh well.  Jason will be home in 10 days!!  We are leaving on the 25th to drive to Georgia.  The 26th is "Family Day" and he will be allowed to leave base.  He has to be back that night though.  The next day is his graduation, and then we will be bringing him back here!  I'm very excited.  If you want to see what he's been doing, go to this website:  the commander updates it and it's pretty nice.  At this very moment Jason is at the beginning of his last "obstacle."  At 10:00 tonight they started a long march.  It ends on the morning of the 19th.  It will total 25 miles!  I cannot imagine doing that!  Once that is finished, I think he will be pretty much DONE!  YEA!!!!!  Well...maybe I'll write more later...if not, you'll get something from Jason when he gets back!  

June 16, 2001

Well, Jason has finally started!  He also has a DEFINITE graduation date!  YEA!!!  He will be graduating on July 27th.  On July 26th, there is a "turning blue" ceremony.  After that, he is allowed to leave base with his family.  He will have to be back that night.  Then the next morning is the graduation.  After that, he will get to come home with me!  Only 39 more days!!  I also have Jason's address.  Please e-mail me ( or message me on AOL (jalyssa80) if you would like to get his address.  The letters help a lot, and he would really like for people to write him.  He called this today. It was the first time in a little over a week.  We talked for quite a while.  Things are going well for him there.  He has been p0ut into a good company.  That's all for now.  As soon as I start getting letters that are filled with the activities he is doing, I will update more.  Until then, keep checking in, let me know what you think, and be sure to get in touch with me for his address.  

June 10, 2001 I've been slacking off a bit here when it comes to updating the page.  But can you really expect me to update when there is nothing to update?'s what we know.  On Saturday morning, they were suppose to send them downrange to start.  Turns out, then sent them down, but they haven't started.  They are now in some holding area.  Yeah...another one.  AUGH!  He is going in with 100 other guys who are doing split training like him, so that means he won't be the only one out of shape, so that is nice.  Other than that, there really isn't much to report.  Maybe since I didn't hear from him today, that means he actually started?  Who knows.  I'm not getting my hopes up though.

June 6, 2001

We talked a bit this morning before I went to work.  It was a pretty short conversation.  He hasnít gotten his coat in the mail yet.  It was suppose to get there Saturday by 3:00 pm.  Hopefully they have it and the reason he hasnít gotten it is b/c they havenít given out mail yet.  He said mail call is tomorrow (I thinkÖ).  I wish I had put a few letters in the box with the coat.  He needs something to cheer him up.  He really hates sitting around there.

June 5, 2001

Jason called this morning.  Heís still just sitting around.  Sorry, but not much news to report.  He said he was going to talk to the National Guard liaison tomorrow to see if he can find anything out.  I got a letter today, but it didnít really say much.  Heís just really, really bored.  Heís read a couple of books already.  He is looking forward to getting his ďpermanentĒ address so he can start getting some mail. 

June 4, 2001

Nothing new to report.  Jason called today.  I was at work and took my supper break when he called.  We talked for about 20 minutes.  He still doesn't know anything concerning when he will be going.  He's getting really upset about it, as am I.  There is absolutely nothing for him to do.  He just sits around all day watching television and reading.  I hope they get things going soon.  We need to get the countdown started!!

June 3, 2001

I got back to the apartment around lunchtime today.  Jason hadnít called yet, and he didnít call the rest of the day.  L  Since itís Sunday, there was no mail either, so I donít have any news for you.  Letís hope tomorrow is better!

June 2, 2001

Once again, Jason called at 11:00 this morning.  This time we talked for an hour.  Iím going to have one big phone bill!!  I also got a letter, but since nothing has really happened, there isnít much to report from the letter.  Today I am going to Indianapolis to visit a friend.  Jason still doesnít know when he will go downrange.  One person told him it would be early next week, another person told him late next week.  AUGH!  I wish they would be more organized there.  This is crazy!     J  He said that he would call me tomorrow. 

June 1, 2001

Jason called this morning at 11:00.  We talked for almost an hour.  Today marks 2 years that Jason and I have been dating.  Too bad heís not here.  Oh well.  He wasnít here last year either.  Maybe next yearÖhaha!  He forgot his dress coat.  He will never have to wear it there, but if he doesnít have it, he is afraid they will make him buy another one (they are almost $200), or maybe theyíll just make him do a lot of push ups or something.  He asked me to send it to him.  He thought he might leave on Monday to go downrange, so he asked me to send it overnight.  I left for work early so I could stop at the bank and get money, and then go to the post office (which is right next to the bank).  After I finished up at the bank, I realized that Iíd forgotten the coat!  So, I had to go back and get it and then go to work.  I was going to try to make it to the post office on my supper break, but we were really busy and I didnít get a chance.  But thenÖthe pharmacist needed to mail out some meds to someone, and he let me go to the post office to send it b/c he knew I needed to mail the coat.  I got there about 5 minutes before closing.  The lady who waited on me was so rude!  She kept looking at all the people in line, and looking at the clock.  Yeah, I was taking a lot of time b/c I had a lot to send out, but there was no reason to be mean like that!  If I hadnít been wearing my CVS jacket and doing business for CVS, I would have told her what I thought.  She was terrible.  Jasonís coat did get sent out though, so I guess thatís all that really matters.  Oh, and he got BOTH of his shots the other day and didnít pass out for EITHER ONE! 

May 31, 2001

No letters today, and no phone calls either.  L  He did say that today was the last day of processing, so maybe they ended up taking him downrange today.  If so, I guess thatís a good thing b/c he will be done sooner than if he were still stuck in the reception battalion.  I just wish I could have talked to him before he went.  There probably wonít be many phone calls anymore.  Hopefully tomorrow Iíll get a letter and then I can have something to write about!

May 30, 2001

No letters today, but I did get a phone call.  Minutes after I clocked out for my lunch break he called.  We talked for most of my lunch break, and nope...I didn't even get to eat.  Oh was worth it.  He said that he hopes to find out tomorrow when he will be going downrange.  Tomorrow is the last day of processing, so hopefully they get things in gear and get the show going.  Maybe tomorrow when he calls he'll have some news on that.  He said he had a shot today.  I'm not sure if he got one or two.  Guess what...he said he didn't pass out!  What a surprise!  I think he's actually getting used to it!  :)  

May 29, 2001

Today I got a letter and a phone call.  Now that he knows my work schedule, he will probably call me every day until he goes down range.  Then I will probably get like 2 phone calls for the rest of the summer.  So, he has to get a 50% in each category of the fitness test to start at week 7.  If not, then he goes back to week 4.  I really hope he makes it!  He has had a lot of free time, and he hates it.  That's when he starts getting "homesick."  :(  Since he was there last, the army got a new type of PT's.  He thought he was going to have to buy them (they are over $100), but luckily they let him just trade his old for new.  He's also already started making calendars to count down until he is finished.  I think I beat him to it though!  I did the same thing the day he left!  Since he is with the prior service people, they get their own barracks, magazines, TV/VCR, and more freedom.  They don't get total phone use like the "new" people do though.  He described it as "give and take."  He also has to get 2 shots tomorrow.  Any bets on whether or not he passes out?  :)  


May 28, 2001

YEA!!!  JASON CALLED ME!!!!  He called around 4:00 and we talked for about 45 minutes!  I was so excited that I started crying as soon as I started talking to him!  Oh well.  We were both glad to talk to each other. 

 He said that he is with a bunch of prior service guys, and not with the people who are there for the first time.  Because heís been there before, he gets more privileges.  I guess they have a TV, and they were given a weekend pass.  They couldnít leave base, but they took a taxi to a mall that is on base.  He said he had pizza for one meal and went to Burger King for another.  He also saw the movie Pearl Harbor. 

 They arenít allowed to talk to the people who havenít been there beforeÖguess they donít want them telling them whatís going to happen or something. 

 He said he arrived there late Tuesday night.  He did some of the processing things Wednesday.  Then the place was closed for the holiday Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday.  So, he has had a ton of free time.  He said all they have to do is clean the bunks each day.  The rest of the time is ďfree time.Ē  Itís kind of frustrating that they arenít doing anything.  He wants to just get on with it and get it over with.  He still isnít sure when he will be going down range.  As soon as he does though, he will find out when his graduation date is. 

May 27, 2001

No letters.  No phone calls.  No news.  :(

May 26, 2001

No news again.  :(  He did call here 3 times today.  Probably hoping I missed the phone or something.  I guess he also called my house and talked to my mom.  She told him I didn't have a day off work until Monday.  He said he had my phone number at work, but didn't have any money to call.  He could only make collect calls...and I'm sure CVS wouldn't accept a collect call!  Hopefully he gets a chance to call on Monday.  I'm gonna stay here all day so I don't miss it if he does.  Oh...and I know this is boring since there is never any real news, but as soon as I start getting letters there will be better updates.  Stay focused....if anyone is even reading this at all!  If you are, let me know!  Then I will know I"m not wasting my time!  :)  Later!  Hopefully I'll have REAL NEWS tomorrow!  

May 25, 2001

No news today.  Wes went home for the weekend.  He left me a note saying that he left at 4:00 and Jason hadnít called.  I didnít see anything on caller id either, so at least I didnít miss his call.  I did get flowers today from Jason.  I guess he arranged it with the flower shop before he left.  How sweet is that?!  J

May 24, 2001

Today Jason called me around 4:30 - but of course....I was at work.  What a great place to be, huh?  I guess he told Wes that he would call tomorrow, but I will be at work tomorrow as well.  :(  Hopefully he will be able to call me at work once he finds out where I am.  I don't see why that would be a problem....after all....all the people at work take personal calls.  Why can't I?  At least I'm not 30 years old and spending my life talking about other people.  And what's with drive through pharmacy?  I hate it.  One of these days I'm going to open the window and say, "Welcome to McDonalds.  Would you like fries with that?"  AUGH!!!  Okay.  Obviously I've spent too much time at work, and this has nothing to do with Jason.  But thanks for listening.  More later!

May 23, 2001

Today Jason had to get up at 4:00 am.  They went to MEPS and got their plane tickets and took care of last minute things.  He was then taken to the airport.  He called me from there while he was waiting for his plane to take off.  We didnít talk long because he wanted to get some sleep, and I had to go to work.  He left from Indy at 9:35.  Then arrived in St. Louis a little before 11:00. I was surprised when I came home from work to find an e-mail from him.  It turns out there was free internet access at the airport, so he got online and wrote me!  The plane took off from St. Louis around 1 and arrived in Georgia sometime around 3:30 pm.

May 22, 2001

Today I dropped Jason off at the armory in Hartford City at 6:00 am.  He had to stay and do some paperwork, and I went on home.  After finishing up at the armory, they drove to Indianapolis to the Quality Inn.  He got to drive the Hummer.  I think he thought that was pretty cool. 

 At the hotel they had some ďbasic trainingĒ classes, which he described as being pretty, boring.  He also went to MEPS where they made sure they were ďphysically capableĒ of going through basic.  Jason was worried about being overweight and getting his profile flagged.  I guess when that happens, you canít get promoted (there might be other consequences, but Iím not sure what they are).  He said that he stretched as much as he could when they were seeing how tall he was.  The taller you are, the more you are allowed to weigh.  It worked, because he made the weight requirement by 2 pounds.  He was very relieved! 

He was also worried that he was going to be put in with a group of high school kids.  They do split training as he is doing.  He was afraid they would be immature and make things harder.  Also, since they would all be coming back from last summer, they wouldnít have the freedom that they would have if they had been there from the beginning, working their way straight through.  It turns out though, that he is being put into a group that has been there since day one of training.  He is also very happy about that. 

 He finished up his day in the afternoon.  He called me to chat around 4:30.  I was at the gym working out, so I called him when I got back.  We talked for a bit and then he took a nap.  He got to eat at the hotel restaurant.  He said it wasnít very good, but Iím sure it was better than the MRE he got for lunch.  I spoke with him again around 10:00, and then he went to bed.

05/02/01 12:58am

Hello and welcome to another groovy update.  I wish that I had some great news to talk about but, I don' I've always said this site is full of useless information!  Today was pretty much a nothing day, as in I did nothing of great importance.  Cool huh?  That's what I have to have one of those days every once in a while...where you just don't do anything!  It felt pretty good just to be a lazy SOB all day long!  And along those lines of me not doing anything today there isn't really anything too exciting to update.  So take it easy!

05/01/01 4:16am

Hello, hopefully everyone is well.  I'm here with another early morning update.  This time though I haven't been up the entire time.  I fell asleep around 11:30 or so and got up at 4 or so and got up.  I fell asleep in clothes and I absolutely hate that...oh wasn't like I was planning on falling asleep!  It's now finals week, can't believe that the school year is almost over now!  Talk about crazy!  Hopefully the years start to go by a little slower or I'm looking at being 70 in a couple blinks of the eye.  Time just goes by way too fast!  So what does everyone think of a new rant?  I'm thinking that it's about time...I have a couple topics floating around in my head and I'll probably pick one of those soon and make my little spill.  But right now I'm thinking about going to bed... 'night!

04/29/01 10:53pm

Hello boys and girls, I'm back for the ever important news update...I know all of you can't wait!  Hopefully you had a nice and restful weekend was ok considering it was a drill weekend, but I'm dead tired!  I got 2 1/2 hours of sleep Friday and like 5 1/2 Saturday.  Not a make a long story short (Amanda will like this) my drill consisted of breaching an obstacle (concertina wire), IMT drills, bayonet drills, and an 8 mile or so road march.  The road march was ok considering that I haven't done it since we did a six miler in September.  They are never very much fun carry a ruck that weighs 40-60 pounds, and LBV (Load Bearing Vest) that weighs from 10-20+ pounds, Kevlar Helmet, and a weapon (I had an M16/A2) 8.79 pounds.  So what is that about 100 or so pounds...wanna do it some time with me?  The whole company did a fine job on the road march so that was good.  I know that this was a boring as hell update, but there isn't much to talk about that would be of interest to you since all that I did was Army stuff this weekend ;)  Ok...take it easy!  Maybe tomorrow they'll be some interesting news!

04/27/01 2:46am

Yep, I know that it's late, but I just wanted to drop a quick update before I go to bed.  I can't sleep...heck I'm not even tired...but I'm going to go into bed in a few minutes and just lay there until I fall asleep, since I'm suffering from this damn insomnia as of late.  I was reading my local online news at the South Bend Tribune , and I saw that my old high school principal is retiring and my OLD assistant principle is taking his spot.  I find that kind of funny because she took a job at a bigger school a couple miles away from Glenn.  So, I guess somewhere down the line she must have taken a horizontal promotion...because I can't find the hierarchy in this assistant principal/principal/big school/small school stuff.  Like is it better to be a principal at a small school or an assistant principal at a large school?  Heck, I don't know.  Personally I have no preference, and I view both as pretty much an equal.  No one has gotten back to me about what they think of the new page...come on!  I want someone that I didn't SEND the page to (ie Amanda, Wes, Doug, Scott) to message me and tell me what they think.  I think that it looks better, but wouldn't it be sad if I loaded up my old one just to play with you guys since you aren't giving me any criticism.  I know someone must be coming since there's been over 500 hits since I put that counter on.  So come on...take 30 seconds to sign the guestbook and 2 minutes to send me an e-mail!  Ok...good night!

04/26/01 11:41pm

Hello again!  2nd update in one day...I'm spoiling you guys.  Hopefully your day went well...mine went pretty darn good.  The day started out shaky...Amanda has came down with a cold/flu so she was feeling pretty bummed out and yuck.  She struggled and managed to get out of bed and get to class.  I didn't have a real class today since it was dead week.  In my Pol432 they gave back my final paper (which is like 70% of the final grade).  I got a B+ on it, which is good since I needed that grade since I bombed my first one.  I think that I might put up a little link soon of all my nice and boring writings.  No one will find them interesting...hell, Amanda won't even read them!  I tried and tried to get her to read it but she wouldn't...she got through page 2 and then jumped to page 17...she thought she would trick me.  Well...I'm going to make her read it tonight...well...I might let her off since she isn't feeling good.  This weekend is a drill weekend...I'm not really looking all that forward to it.  Guess I'm dreading the whole basic training thing this summer...oh well...just a nice boring 2 1/2 months!  What else is going on with me.  I'm listening to a funny thing right now it is called "Kick Dog".  It is so funny...makes me laugh my foolish butt off.  Ok...well take it easy!

04/26/01 1:02am

Hello everyone!  It feels great to be able to update the page again, now that there is the "new" look!  Gives me a little motivation for my last month or so that I'm here!  Today was a nice easy "nothing" day, I didn't do much of anything, Wes and I went to have lunch at Chili's (thanks Wes!).  I also cleaned up the house a little fun!  One of those cute moments happened today!  It was about 7:45 and I was hanging up some clothes to dry in the computer room here and I had the song by ATC "Around the World" on.  Well...I'm kind of singing to myself and I thought that I heard a little girls voice in the I look outside and the neighbors daughter is by my window singing and dancing.  They had just gotten home and she knew the song.  This little girl couldn't be over 6 or 7, but it was so cute!  It's one of those things that would be in a Chicken Soup book!  Definitely made me smile!  Thank you little girl!  

04/24/01 7:28pm

Well, as you can see I've done a major overhaul of the page.  Last overhaul (I think January) was just a frame change, but that wasn't all that great.  And it actually made the page look pretty crappy.  I'm not done with the new design but it is getting there.  It's my hope that this looks a little less cluttered and will load faster for all you modem jockey's out there.  Now that it finally looks good I'll make sure to update it more frequently than I was.  The page is getting some pretty good hits thanks in part to the webcam.  If you haven't checked that out yet, make sure you look at it.  It may be slightly boring but it's always refreshing (right now it's at 2 seconds) so you'll get something new all the time!  Ok...take it easy!

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