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January 2001 - April 2001 want some news? Well you've come to the right place (or at least I hope), I'll try to keep this page updated with stuff going on with me or anything else interesting. For more Jason news look at this page, it is the news page from Amanda and Jason.
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Sorry about the lack of updates. I'm working on a new look to the page, check back soon!
4/05/01 11:55 pm
Hello, I'm just an updating fool today! I've added a new rant...check it out after you read this! The new one is me going off on the rioters that took to the streets on the first of April. Ok...I'm not even going to get started on this topic here...I'll try to keep focused on news. Saturday a buddy Gene and I are going to do a little road march. We are walking from Purdue to my apartment, which is like 8 and some odd miles. It has some good hills on the route so it should be nice and fun. We are going to go full bdu's, combat boots, lce, and soft cap. I'll get to wear my camel back :) We'll probably load our ruck up with 40-60 pounds of dead weight and have it. I want to keep a 3 1/2 to 4 mile per hour pace. That is a nice clip that gets your blood pumping. The main reason that we are doing this is to get our blood pumping and to help give us some blisters. Because those blisters turn into callouses...and then we won't have the great likelihood of a blister in the future. Oh, the things us guy's do for fun! Tomorrow is my L O N G day on campus. I have two classes, with like 5 hours between the two. That makes for a very long and very boring break. I'll probably pass the time by reading a book for my Pol Sci 223 class.
Recently I found a neat program called Brainwave Generator. Supposedly this program helps to alter your brain waves for self-hypnosis, meditation, sleep aid, creativity, headache relief, etc. So far it has been interesting. I haven't played too much with it the last couple days. I was going pretty good for a while but have kind of slacked off (I guess like this page). I'll probably hang on to it. The program is shareware w/limited features. I don't think that I'll register it and get the full version, even though I would like to! I also have some new links to add to the link page, but I don't think that I'm going to be doing it tonight. Probably the next update or two.'s time for me to leave...'night!
4/03/01 9:55pm
Hello everyone, just wanted to give a little update really quick. Nothing new is going on with me...only I'm a little ashamed of the students at Purdue. Destroying property is not cool by any means! I'm all for a big gathering and a bonfire...but when you start screwing with private property and the property of the university heads are going to roll. I hate the fact that tax payers and us students have to absorb the cost of probably less that 5% of the student body being idiots! I plan on making a rant out of the riots...but I don't have it done yet...don't worry when it gets done I'll post it ;) I know that you can't wait for it!
The other day I made a new wallpaper for my desktop. It's a collage of a bunch of looks pretty good and is a lot more livelier than what I used to have. Now I have a little scrapbook to look at all the time! Hmm...other news. I have some papers due next couple of weeks so I need to get cracking on them. I should be ok, usually am. Well...that's about it for news...come back to check out the rants!
3/29/01 7:38pm
Alright ladies and gentlemen...time for an update. I was going pretty good for a while but I kinda slacked off...I'm sorry! I've been getting a bunch of hits lately so I feel kinda bad about not updating a bunch...time to get my butt in gear again. I feel like I lead such a boring life since I don't have any breaking news for all of you. I'll try to think of something really quick. Oh, I have one...I found one of the funniest sound clips ever! It's so funny...if you want me to send it to you drop me an e-mail and I'll get it out to you...I promise you that you'll laugh your butt off. Tonight is the big Survivor night...hopefully it is a good episode. It's kind of strange that I actually look forward to that stupid show...oh well...I guess that I could be watching Barney or something! One of these days I'm going to update my pictures on here...but I have hardly been taking any pictures lately...I'll have to remedy that and just start taking a bunch of pictures. I may have to put them on my Purdue account and link to them there because I would probably overload this server. Alright...take it easy!
3/19/01 5:57pm
Hello, I was just siting here and decided that I would do a really quick news update. Today was the first day of classes since the end of spring break :( I wasn't ready to go back to school...oh well...I'll get back into the swing of things in no time. I think that I might add a couple of links today...probably some nerdy ones that no one will ever go to. I have a pretty good number of links and I've even used them a time or two when I was at someone's place and didn't know the exact address of a page. So I guess it's like my online bookmarks. Susan (Amanda's sister) spent a couple days with us, we had fun even though we did pretty much nothing. The weather has finally warmed up so that is good. Well...that's about it...nothing exciting, have you signed the guest book? If you haven't it is on the front page...just click home. Ok...just thought that I'd ask you since people are still coming but no one is signing! Ok...see ya!
Hey, How's it going? Everything is going ok here saying that it's spring break and I'm in beautiful Lafayette, IN! I spent a nice chunk (according to Amanda) of my break screwing around with computers. Oh, well guess there is a lot worse things that I could be doing. I spent way too much time trying to make a linux server / router out of an old Pentium 60 Packard Bell, but that thing was too proprietary so I gave up. I still may try to make a router from the Linux Router Project...but I doubt it. I played around with my computer and Amanda's in the process...I'm still on my never ending quest to get my computer as cold as possible. I think that when I get my own house where I can really have a work shop and can tear stuff up I'm going to start going for the real custom computers. I would love to make an air conditioned computer case or a water cooled cpu, but I just don't have the room or the equipment here...but someday.
Right now my case is 87.0 degrees...and I want it colder...but I guess that I do have a lot of stuff in it and the case is a big mid-tower so there isn't a bunch of free space. I think that the next computer I build will have a big full tower case with like 4 fans in it...I don't think that you can get it too cold. Well...there is too cold...too cold is when you start to get condensation. Amanda wishes that I would get a new hobby..I'll have to think about's kinda sad but there isn't much that interests me that I can "work" on and see my results and know that something got done. I could try working on cars, but that would require me having a car and a bunch of expensive tools and diagnostic equipment...and it would require a garage...all of which I don't have.
A couple of days ago (I think last Friday) I put a little tracker program on my page. You can't see it, it is in the background and it is really small but it lets me keep track of what you are looking at, where you came from, who you are (not really, just your IP), and where you are going. It turns out that a ton of my hits where coming from an AOL WebCrawler that seems to have taken a likening to my page. It comes like every other day and checks out my page. I think I know who some of the other people are that have stopped by ;) I took the IP's from some of the e-mails that I've received and compared it to the log file. I guess that it just gives me something to can't blame me! One of the more interesting things have been that I have had two people come to the page looking for Teletubes from Google. One person was searching for "big but Teletubes" and the other "Teletubes pictures". Well...back a while ago I mentioned Teletubes and I had all the other words on my page so my page came up. Strange huh?
I updated the pictures on Amanda and I's page (the link is at the top of the page). They are of Susan's basketball game on March 10th. They are ok...but I'm ticked off at my camera. There is just no manual features to it whatsoever! So I have to lose resolution and picture quality in order to get the shutter speed fast enough for a fast moving basketball game. Someday soon I'll try to get around to making a picture page of some of my favorite digicam pic's thus far. Lets see other news...tonight I went to Amanda's old high school for a regional game...South Newton got a good spanking', would have liked to see them win, but I guess that you can't have everything! Looks like Glenn also lost...too bad. Purdue is in the NIT...go Purdue beat all those second rate teams. I wonder if Purdue will riot if they win the NIT...probably..the students have nothing better to do around here. Well...take it easy...I'm going to watch Blind Date.
Hey how is everything going? Hopefully everything is going ok with you guys! Personally I'm a little disturbed...according to my statistics from tripod I'm getting from 50-200+ hits a day on here...but no one signs my guestbook! It is a little disturbing if you ask if you are reading this and haven't signed the guestbook give me 10 seconds and let me know you are here. It's only fair! Flatter me or something. Nothing is really "new" with me...everything is pretty old...I'm thinking about retitling this page Olds...because that is all it really is...a bunch of old news! Amanda and I both are having a typical pre-spring break seems like every professor wants to help make your life hell right before you can cut loose for a week...if you can here me professors, we know your tricks and we are on to them :) HEHE...not like we can really do anything to change the system. Amanda and I are going to go the the casino and to a comedy club over should be fun...never gambled before so it should be fun blowing the $20 I'm giving myself to lose :) Once that's gone I'll just sit and watch everyone else lose their money!
There was another school shooting in California yesterday (well...two days ago)...they always seem to disturb me...I just can't understand what would make a kid want to take innocent peoples lives...I'll guess that I'll have to have a rant about them sometime. I'm also thinking about making some of the papers that I've written in the past available on here...that way you can see my wisdom :) Probably you will read them and think that I'm crazy or something...or some high school kid will find them in a search and submit my paper and then they will get in trouble for plagiarism. Hey...I just added a counter...hope you guys like it! Ok..take it easy...I'm off to bed!
Happy March everyone...just wanted to add a quick update. I added a new rant, you'll have to check it out. That show that everyone watched but no one will admit it "Temptation Island" ended tonight. Everyone stayed together...that's good I guess. Even though deep down inside I'm sure that all of you were hoping SOMEONE would break up! But love conquers all I guess! So I have to be happy for the couples. I think some of the singles will be a little disappointed. I bought a 1/8" mini plug extension for my headphones so that I can listen to music and games while Amanda is in here, because I think that my noise gets on her nerves sometimes. I've been going through the speaker out on my sub woofer/amp, but there has been a lot of white noise so it was annoying. Now at least I won't have numb ear drums when I'm done. Ok...I'm going to go to bed...everyone have a good night!
2/25/01 11:11 pm
Hello everyone, hopefully everyone is doing ok. Hopefully you like then new makeover for the frames, I was getting sick of the old one. It still isn't complete but it is a lot better than it used to be, I still have to do something to just looks a little incomplete. I do like having link buttons instead of just text links. I need to also fix some of the backgrounds because they contrast with the black menu...other than that it looks ok. I have another idea that I might use for the menu stuff...but I'll try that later! I also added another link to my link page...that urban legend page is great! I'm also going to put meta tags on my page so that search engines can find my page better, but that is later. This weekend Amanda actually watched "Gone in Sixty Seconds" with me! She has been putting it off so it made my day! Hmm...nothing else is really all that exciting. Well, hopefully everyone is doing ok!
2/19/01 1:22 am
I was sitting at the computer contemplating what to do now...go to bed or do something else when it hit me that I haven't updated my page in forever. is a list of what is going on with me: Amanda turned 21, I put another 128 mb of ram in my computer, got a kick butt LED flashlight and that is about it. The weather seems about ready to break. Oh, I also got a promotion...its now Private First Class longer Private Hartsell. Even though I'm still called Private. Hey its like an extra $6 a month! Wooho! I also had a mishap during the formation, but I'll leave that part off. I can't believe February is over half over...time is really flying by! This is short so that is about it! Everyone take it easy!
2/5/01 11:58 pm
Hello, and welcome again to my thrilling page...the page where you just wait anxiously for the next update. Well...sorry you waited so long...but you'll live. I've been kind of busy doing pretty much nothing. I just finished reading Philip Caputo's A Rumor of War. It was a damn good about one soldiers experience during the Vietnam War. It was one of the most griping books I have ever read....I can't believe I've never heard of it before my History class on the Vietnam war. If I get nothing else from my class but what I got from reading that book, I am very satisfied. Now since I read that book way ahead of when it's due I can get back to reading normal "boring" course work. This one book I have, for my psychology class...and entire paragraph was full of questions! Every sentence was a question, absolutely horrid to read! I can not believe an editor would actually allow that to be published. I guess this is what I get for actually reading my texts this year. Ok...I'm going to go study and watch TV, see you around!
2/1/01 10:19 pm
Ok, here I go again...I'm actually updating regularly two days in a row...go me! Once again I'm am so friggin' ticked about stinky people. I want to just go on a rampage and cuss and scream but I'm trying to control myself here. Why can't people shower? Heck, even splash themselves with cologne in a lame attempt to hide the smell...that would be better than smelling their E.coli or whatever stinks. You know how much bacteria you have to have to reek like they do? It can't be healthy! Someone should do a study or something! I'm sure the government would give you a big fat grant of a couple million to study this and then you could be hired by Gillette or Arid or something to design a better deodorant. Here is what even's WINTER! What will happen to these smelly people when it is 90 some degrees here? Can you say spoiled milk? Ok...I have to change the subject...I'm making my blood pressure rise. Survivor was on tonight...they voted the Army officer off...what were they thinking? He was the only one that was trying to fish and work. What a bunch of idiots...I'd probably be voted off first too because I'd probably slap someone. I think the reason Kel got voted off was that he was so busy fishing the others just laid on their fat ass and talked and decided to vote the outsider off...hello? Do these people have a brain in their head? Ok...I'm outta here.
2/1/01 12:20 am
I just realized looking at all the different files I have for this site that I need to start putting them into separate folders...there is like 150 different files...that is a little crazy if I do say so myself. Maybe make a separate pic folder...that would alleviate some of the problem. But, that would require me to fix all my picture links...and that would take a while to do so I might make a folder and add all my new pictures to it...that way I don't have to touch my old stuff...just the new stuff. Hopefully I don't tick anyone off with the rants...if I tick too many people off I'll probably delete it...I just feel like venting a little more...since I sometimes go into a little rant in the news....which totally defeats the purpose of news. See...there I go. Well...I'm going to go to bed...see everyone around.
1/31/01 7:52 pm
Alright...I just made a rant can check it out by clicking on the link in the menu bar. Nothing is really new...I just got done typing that so I'm not in the mood to type. Bye.
1/29/01 12:06 am
Hello, it's me again...I'm finally getting around to updating the news and enlightening you with what is going on with me. Everything has been pretty was a nice day. I had taco's for breakfast/lunch. Played Counter-strike and watched The Superbowl and Survivor. Survivor was more entertaining than the football game...but barely. It looks like more human eat human on Survivor. When Survivor was on last year there was this neat webpage where they made fun of the show and pretended the Castaways (well...they aren't castaways anymore), get ate instead of voted off. When I find it I'll be sure to post it. I put some pictures on my other page, Go there to see them. I also brought my laptop out of retirement to run once in a while and to listen to music in the other room while I do homework. I bought a lan card cheap (USB one) for $9.50 so it was a pretty good deal. Ok...that's it for now! See ya.
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