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News want some news? Well you've come to the right place (or at least I hope), I'll try to keep this page updated with stuff going on with me or anything else interesting. For more Jason news look at this page, it is the news page from Amanda and Jason.
1/16/01 9:25 pm
Apologizes...and more apologizes...I'm not really sure how many people actually check up on my page (I could check up on it but I don't) if you are or (were) a frequent visitor you probably aren't any longer. Well...obviously if you are reading this, you came back...and I thank you. I guess that I got kind of burnt out with updating the page and not having a bunch of visitors...well...I'm going to keep pounding away and hopefully a person trickles in every once in a while! what is new with me...the new semester is in full schedule is better this year (as of now it feels that way). I just had a National Guard drill this past weekend...cleaned a lot of M16's, and also had some classroom work. Amanda and I stayed in a hotel...we will probably not stay in that same one was kind of pricey (for a "discount" one). Plus, they wouldn't let her stay until 4pm, when my day was over. I bought a digital camera a couple of weeks takes some great pictures...when I get some decent ones that I'm not afraid to put up to your wary eye, they'll be here in the pictures sections. I'm not sure how I'm going to display theme yet...doing thumbnails takes a while (hours!), but it looks I may do them again or just have a couple pictures on each page...we'll see what I decide on! Well...thanks for coming back and seeing what is new with me...I'll TRY to update this more...see ya!
12/21/00 11:51 pm
Hello, and welcome again to Jason's news...the place where you can always find Jason's ramblings about absolutely nothing. I notice, reading through my last couple updates that I haven't really rambled too much lately...guess I need to find a hot (well...luke warm) topic and really go off. I'm also going to have to divide this page up into multiple is getting a tad large! I copied and pasted it into a word processor...over 6 pages...single spaced! So, I guess that I have rambled pretty good! Ok...on to what is new with me...absolutely nothing. It is cold, snow is on the ground, my feet are always cold. They aren't too bad when I have socks on...but when I'm barefoot it stinks. I have even on occasion "borrowed" Amanda's Elmo slippers. My feet are a little big for them but they keep me from losing a toe to gangrene. As I type, I'm making some MP3's...I have about 900 or so right now...and I have a couple dozen CD's that I want to make into MP3's so that I can listen to them is just SO much work going into the other room and getting a CD. Well...part of the problem is that my CD player attached to my stereo isn't working...I've been meaning to get it fixed for about a year now. I also fixed something on my computer...but I won't bore you with that. Last week I did quiet my computer down though...I have an excess of fans in it (CPU fan, Power supply fan, case fan, slot exhaust fan), and one of them was making my case vibrate terribly. It was so loud you could hear it in the other room. I made sure all the fans were tight, and that didn't make a long story short the cure was a folded piece of paper taped to the side of the drive bays. Works like a all that I hear is the hum of fans moving lots of air. Just wanted to pipe it case temperature generally is below 80 degrees Fahrenheit, it ranges between 75 and 80. I am quite pleased, the addition of the case and the exhaust fan lowered my case temperature roughly 10 - 12 degrees. Which I've read, that a 10 degree reduction in temperature equals a 3 year life of product extension. Ok...that's about it for now (see I did find some stuff to ramble about!). Have a good night!
12/19/00 10:20 am
Hello, just thought that I'd update the page since Amanda did the other page today....can't let her get more updates in then me (she only has about a month to catch up on!). Today was another uneventful day...lots of laying around so there isn't really any exciting always know it's a lazy day if you spend more than 1/2 of it horizontal! We haven't been out of the apartment since we went to the movies and that was two days ago. Tomorrow we'll be getting out and going shopping...wooho! Get to see some more people! I've been particularly jumpy today...Amanda scared the crap out of me...she scared me so bad she actually felt bad! I also had the shock of unknowingly watching the Teletubes was a very shocking experience. Well...that's about it...maybe tomorrow I will have something interesting to say!
12/18/00 1:07 am
Hello, just got back from the movies. We went to see the movie that we missed yesterday. We watched "What Women Want". It is that new one with Mel Gibson in was really good. I laughed pretty hard and times and I'm sure that I embarrassed Amanda :) Well, that's was worth it....the first 3/4's of the movie was really good...then the last 1/4 had lost the original flavor. Kinda like after you eat that twentieth Twinkie. Well...we are probably going to watch a movie...maybe National Lampoons Christmas Vacation or something funny...we'll see...'Night.
12/17/00 5:16 pm
Hello, how is everything going for you? Hopefully everything is fine. Things are pretty good here in apartment 2020. Last night Amanda and I were having a little night out and we got caught in a "blizzard". We went to the mall to pick up a few things...then we went to eat at Lonestar. Amanda and I both had some nice meat...I love their steaks! Then we went out to the car and we were caught in an impromptu blizzard. We decided that we better can the movie we were planning on seeing. We came back and had a nice evening at home. That was until I fell asleep watching the movie :) Today was a lazy day...well kinda. Amanda and I cleaned up the computer room...we bought a six foot bookshelf the other day and now we have a nice organized more books on the floor! Now Amanda won't be embarrassed to show people this room. Well...tonight we are probably going to watch the movie we were meant to yesterday...also the first truck I've seen today is FINALLY deciding to clean our parking lot...also we never got our paper today! UGGH...well...take it easy.
12/16/00 1:30 am
I fixed the all better like them...another hour into this...and I haven't even started the updates yet. One other neat thing...I think that a car is going to smack into the dumpster or a car in front of the apartment. There has been two very close calls...its fun (now that Amanda's car is out of the way) because I can sit on the computer and watch the action...hehe.
12/16/00 12:39 am
Ok...I just checked my picture page w/the thumbnails is WAY too big...I'm going to have to split that into two or three different takes (according to my program) like 5 minutes to load over 28.8...that is way too big...guess my ADSL gives me a false sense of security...I'll try to get it fixed soon. Thanks
12/15/00 9:52pm
You all should feel spoiled...two updates in a day! I put the pictures up...I've been working on it for a couple more news.
12/15/00 12:58 am
Hello, it's me again. Attempting to do another news section. Well...there isn't much news for me...we got some snow...I love snow. That is as long as its not snowing and not too cold out. If it is then I could take it or leave it. Well, we finally know who the next President is going to be....too bad my little conspiracy theory didn't pan out true. The people that are probably the saddest of anyone in the country has to be the news media. They have been eating this was their headline story every night....super drama for like 36 or 35 days. sure beat hearing about murders and crime. Ok...I'm finally going to add some pictures to the homepage! Aren't you excited? I bet you are...I'm scanning tomorrow...hopefully they will be up sometime in the next week so be sure to check back! I think I have like 40 pictures...but not all of them will probably go up right I still have to find some more of some other friends. Ok...that about does it for tonight....see ya!
12/12/00 11:14 pm
Hello and once again...welcome to Jason's thoughts and news. Nothing is really new with me....probably the most current news is I'm ticked. I'm ticked about the elections and I'm ticked at Microsoft for having Hotmail not working for me! I rely on my e-mail...and it's not working...and I rely on Democracy...and it's sorta not working. Yeah it's working but...this is pitiful! It's taking way too long...the Supreme Court is going to have the final word...why don't the just rule. Hear me out...what is going to happen is the Florida Supreme Court is going to have the same opinion as they did last week...wanting the recounts to go forward...Bush will appeal and the US Supreme Court will FINALLY use their power and pass a ruling. This is crazy...this goes to show everyone that there needs to be some major election limits on the amount spent on campaigns...and some type of centralized election committee. The recent Supreme Court ruling does have one thing right...the only thing that seems clear is that the people need to be heard...and the voters of Florida aren't being heard...come on lets find out who is President before the Speaker of the House takes over when there isn't a decision by Inaguaration Day! Ok...thats my rant.
12/10/00 2:27 am
Hello, and welcome to Jason's life. Not much is new since my last update...but it's been a couple days so I'll at least ramble for a couple line (as you know that won't be ANY problem). Today (well..."yesterday") I had a one day drill. It was the Class A (dress uniform) inspection. Everything went ok...nothing special. I didn't have to donate blood so I was happy...not like I'm as needle-phobic as before...but just having one stuck in my arm for 10 minutes...nope. I really have a lot of respect for those that give blood says something about them and their commitment to helping others. I'd do it if I wouldn't pass out like a girl every time. Hmm...what else...I went to Amanda's Dad's today...we had meatloaf (I've been wanting it for a while...she has never got around to cooking it though). Nothing else is new...Amanda is asleep and I'm about ready to hit the sack. I'm really looking forward to winter break and a nice update of this least put the pictures on (believe it or not I have a couple scanned...just not enough to put on)...I'm not just going to put on two or three and make it look stupid....gotta do it 100%. I think that I might make 2 or 3 little branch off webpages that have their own topic...and won't be classified as my "home page". Well...goodnight everyone!
12/7/00 12:08 am
Ok...I's been a long time since an update...well...I've been busy! I'm sure none of you are distraught from my lack of news.'ll probably be disappointed...not much has happened in the last couple days. I've been getting my Class A uniform ready for inspection fun. It was a mad hunt to find my rank insignia...but finally I found it! I've had a bunch of papers to do...and the work isn't stopping yet! End of the semester is always tough! I have a couple new ideas for the page floating around...I'm going to add them pretty soon...I also have a couple Amanda quotes to add to my quotes page...I'll be adding those shortly! Well...I'm going to go read some more Bag of Bones, I'm almost done and it's about ready to explode (if you read Stephen King you'll know what I mean!).
12/3/00 4:12 am
Hello everyone, it's me. Would you look at the crazy time! It's 4 am...I was up waking up at this time during the summer and I'm not in bed yet now. Tonight was it was odd. She went to Indy to visit some old friends of hers...and I stayed here...I went to a friends place...we play Team Fortress, cards, and watched TV. It was pretty fun...hadn't done anything with them in a while so it was nice. Also ate cheese sticks from Mad Mushroom at like 2:20am. I haven't had them forever and they were really good!!!! That's one thing that I miss living away from campus...the cheese sticks! Hmm...what else...Amanda got glasses yesterday (THANK YOU GOD). She has pretty much perfect eyesight when the sun is out...but when the sun goes down her eyes shut off! She can't see anything at night and it really is quite scary. The glasses she got are quite cute...and she won't be wearing them all the time...but I still might put a picture of her in them on here. Hmm...what else...oh yeah...I ate at Pepe's last night...I've been craving Fajita's lately and my craving was solved at long last! Well...that will about do it...I'm off to bed to read...I'm reading Stephen King's Bag of Bones it's pretty good so far! Took a while to get moving...but now it's going pretty good.
12/1/00 7:03 pm
Geez, it's December...hard to believe...kind of fitting though that it's the first day of December and we get snow. Mother nature must be watching her calender a little more than usual. Yep, I finished that paper that I was working on...turned out over 20 pages in one day. Pretty impressive huh? Now, it will be even more impressive if I get a decent grade on it. Maybe if I get that ok grade (C or better), I'll put the paper on here and your can read my handy work. With snow all around and the inevitable slickness of ice and slush I once again realize that I'm a big clutz I am. Now, I do not normally trip and fall but at least once twice (or more) I'm bound to bust my butt during the winter. It usually happens at inopportune times, but me falling is inevitable. Hopefully no one witnessing my acrobatics first hand, as I will probably be very embarrassed. I watched Jerry Springer with Amanda today when I came home from school, it was one of the best I have ever seen. It consisted of a man that liked to act like a dog and he needed a dominatrix to have control of him since he couldn't fess up to his girlfriend about his fetish. Well...the ensuing fight between the doggies girlfriend and the dominitrix was highlighted by the dogs licking of two audience members feet. It was also the only episode where one couple took the entire amount of time...I guess they are running low on white trash or know...have to ration them off. Well...tonight I may be going to a party...can't even remember the last time I went to one...hopefully I remember what they are like :) Well, take it easy. Also added another link.
11/30/00 1:01 am
Hey...I think that I had a couple site visitations...boy do I feel special. Thank you to everyone that took a few minutes to come see my waste of time! Well....hopefully it wasn't too much of a waste of time...and if it was please tell me about it so that I feel like crap and try to fix it. Hopefully you spent your evening being very productive...I tried but it just didn't work. Remember in the Flinestones where Fred would have the angel and the devil on his shoulder...well tonight that angel wasn't pitching a very hard argument. Oh well...gotta let the demons out every once in a while! Two days of nice weather and now it's all yuck and like Indiana out. I'll take 20's and 30's as long as it's not windy and not raining. I'm not yet to the point where I'm wishing it was the summer again...I just keep thinking of this past summer where it was like 105 every day and I was wearing long sleeves and outside all the time and realize that gloves and a hat aren't all that bad. My computer is being stupid...tried installing some Internet Explorer tools and it pooped out on would freeze up every time I tried to start up...I did system restore but it didn't help. I can get it to run but I have to pick cancel for the network login. Sorry, I didn't really want to whine and cry on here about my computer problems but I don't think that Amanda cares to here them :) She has enough of me on the computer as it is. I got out the old laptop to write a paper on...less distractions on that one...seemed to work pretty good...but I've forgotten how small that keyboard really is. I'm also going to be making a page soon that has links to all my friends home pages...I have a couple friends that have pages and to be nice I'll link to them. Most of the pages haven't been updated in a while but for the most part you'll get the jest of it. Well...I'm outta new nighttime show Blind Date (the link is on my links page) is on in a little bit. See ya!
11/28/00 7:35 pm
Hello, it's me again...nothing really exciting has happened...and my updates have been getting less frequent. Guess that I'm getting bummed out about no one coming to visit my page. Guess I don't have anything all that interesting. Guess I better put something interesting on here like monkey's that smoke or something. We've been having computer problems...I think that Amanda's hard drive is going's one of the few components left from her Comcrap computer. Really...never buy one of those...they suck really bad. We were thinking about putting up the Christmas tree today but that never came about...I'm sure that we'll put it up before the big day. Speaking of the big's less than a month away...kind of scary huh? I've also added a couple more links! Please, if you have an interesting page or know of one send me the link so I can add it! Thanks! Well...I'm off...have a good night
11/26/00 2:42pm update yesterday...hopefully everyone was able to recover and not suffer any permanent trauma. Yesterday I went to Amanda's dad's side of the family for a belated Thanksgiving...hey there is nothing wrong with having an extra meal! Today Amanda is working from 3-10 :( So hopefully Wes gets here soon so I'm not here all by know all that cabin fever stuff...don't want me to go Waco or something. Today looks like it's another crappy day in Indiana...nothing but rain...and it seems to be a lot colder today than yesterday...gotta love Indiana. Purdue beat number one Arizona yesterday...hopefully we didn't get the highlight of the basketball season in the second game! Hopefully there is a lot more! I have a bunch of school work to get working today will probably be boring day. I also have to do a bunch of it's even more fun! See ya!
11/24/00 10:30pm
Hello everyone! Everyone eat a bunch of left over turkey today? Hopefully you stuffed your faces really good the day after. They had "The Nutty Professor" on Fox tonight...hopefully no one ended up like Prof. Klump after two days of binge eating. I'm back in Lafayette...boy this city is kinda dead with Purdue on break. Did I mention Wednesday night we went to the movies? Yeah, I went...but the kicker was that Amanda and I had to move 3 times. We got there early...was sitting down enjoying our popcorn when a group of people sat down. Well these people we moved...and two guys walked in. They had been smoking something and had BO worse than the first people so we moved again. What is with people not showering? Now...I'm not super smell sensitive but jeez...don't people smell themselves when they stink that bad? That is my suggestion for today...take 5 minutes and shower...and next time you are in the grocery store buy some really does wonders. Ok...enough of me ranting...I've just been disturbed a couple times this year by smelly people...I might start carrying a bottle of Febrez around with me and start spraying people instead of moving next time. Bye.
11/24/00 12:56pm
I told you I could not stand it any longer...I took the wooden wrist rest off of the keyboard drawer. I have a removable one that came with my keyboard I'll try for a while. Hopefully that is better. It's a little slick...but it's not permanent like the other one...this one can be removed in a nice fragging session of Counterstrike! "We all go a little crazy sometimes"
11/24/00 12:56pm
Wow...look at this an update at another normal time...jeez...must have been all that turkey I ate yesterday. Amanda and I just got back from my parent's after spending Thanksgiving with them. Hopefully everyone ate bunches and avoided the malls this morning. Thanksgiving break is at least not flying feels like a sort of mini-vacation so far. I'm really getting to hate this keyboard I have...its really annoying me...or maybe it's the wrist rest...well...something has to change. UGG...I just got more junk mail. Don't you hate has to the be the worst 4 letter word in the world. I must get between 5 and 10 a day. Well...take it easy.
I just added some more to my links sure to check it out. Well...its actually pretty late...dinner starts at it's time for me to take a shower! Have a great Thanksgiving!
11/23/00 1:11am
Jeez...what is up with me and early morning updates...I'll have to try and actually update before 8pm sometime...Yeah right...we can only dream. It is officially Thanksgiving, but in my eyes the next day doesn't start until I wake even though it is Thursday, it's really Wednesday. Today was a fun day...I got to sleep in (thank God for breaks) and wore my PJ's most of the day. I also dyed Amanda's hair a dark brown and then highlighted surprisingly looks ok...she seems to like it. She was a little nervous while I was working on it though! We also went to see Unbreakable which ended up being an OK movie, but different than I thought. We then went to Steak and Shake, where for the first time ever we got waited on like a normal restaurant. Kudos to our waiter...he must have been new because usually after they've worked a day or two they don't care what happens to you! Well...that's it for now...have a happy Thanksgiving!
11/22/00 12:31am
Hello out there in internet are you tonight? I'm pretty good...what can I say...I'm on Turkey Break! Practically a whole week of pretty much nothing to do but sit around, do a half dozen papers (well...4) and watch a bunch of TV. Tonight I ate at some new was ok but nothing too special...I've never been too big of a fan of buffet food after living in the all tastes mass produced! Tonight Amanda actually tried to play Counterstrike...she did pretty good on the training level but when she tried playing online against real opponents they slaughtered her. She could have had a frag but she had trouble aiming...I think with a little work she'll be good (note...a little work...she'll never work again so her being good is out of the question!). Tomorrow I might be lucky enough to dye Amanda's hair...we bought the color and she is entrusting me to do it :) have a good night...and a good Thanksgiving!

11/20/00 10:30pm
Monday ended up not too bad after all! My classes were ok, nothing too special...just so darn cold out. With the wind chill it was below it was nice and chilly out. Got home from classes and I got my Toshiba stuff (because my floppy on my laptop is faulty I get free stuff) a ZIP USB drive, a USB FM radio, USB hub, and a USB game pad. I also ordered a mouse pad with a gel wrist rest for Amanda but that hasn't came yet. Then I went to the mall with Amanda, her mom and her sister. Then we went out to eat at Lonestar (my favorite steak house!). Lastly it was a trip to Wally World where I got a new surge protector...I have been out of room for a while and decided it was time to upgrade so I got a nice one that lets me have almost all my stuff plugged in. One more day and Thanksgiving Break!! Woohoo!!!

11/20/00 10am's 10am and I had the pleasant surprise of waking up and realizing that I slept through my chemistry lab. Wonderful huh?'s like the first time all year so all hope is not lost :) When I lived close to campus it seems like sleep in's were much more they are not...probably because you live 15 minutes away so you have to plan so far in advance for class and stuff. I just looked out the window and it's snowing...gotta love Indiana...we'll have 80 degrees tomorrow. Monday's suck don't they?Monday's suck don't they?
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