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Pictures I

Ok, I've been keeping all of you waiting long they pictures. I'll add MORE later...hopefully this is enough to keep you entertained. If you see a picture that you like just click on it and you'll find a larger image

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Amanda Fountain 1   
This is a picture of Amanda I took sitting next to a fountain in downtown Indy. It was the summer of '99, we were on sort of a mini-vacation. It was a really nice night, and this fountain next to the Capitol and the Hyatt was practically empty.
Amanda Fountain 2
This is another one of Amanda at the fountain...please excuse all the finger prints...for some reason they wouldn't come of the original....Dear Kodak.
Amanda hanging
This is a picture of Amanda hanging up a dress that she had just bought. It is in my old bedroom back home.
Amanda Opening Elmo
This is Amanda (and my head) opening presents for Christmas in '99. We had just bought the stuff...spent like an hour wrapping all the goods and neither of us could wait to give them to each other so we ended up opening all of them then. It was kind of sad to do it so fast but I think that Amanda would have snuck and looked for receipts or opened the corners if I didn't give in.
Amanda Senior Picture
This was the other picture in the first e-mail that Amanda sent to me. It is a much better quality here than the one she sent me...the one that I got was all blurry and way too I couldn't really make out her face too well...and as for the other picture in the e-mail....her face was in the sand.
Amanda and Natalie
This is the first picture I ever saw of Amanda. She sent it to me in an e-mail in September of '98. I was surprised that she sent it to me...I was just expecting a regular old picture...not this. It was also the background on my computer for about a year...but I got sick of the orange desktop (the color of her bathing suit). Now I have a picture of her and another friend. The other girl in the picture will remain anonymous until I get her permission to put her name on here.
Amanda Skytram
This was taken on the little Sky-tram thingy at Cedar Pointe in '99. We both got fried from the sun....we thought that we could get by without sunscreen...boy were we wrong. Amanda hates this picture but I like it.
Cary Crew outside counselor
This is of some guys on my floor in Cary Quad freshman year. From left to right Bhavnesh, Nate, Bill, Me, Kyle, Kevin, and Matt. We all had empty booze bottles (we NEVER kept any real stuff in the dorms...hehe), just for kicks we posed for this picture outside of the counselors door.
Party at the Quad
This was taken one of the last days freshman year. Our counselor was gone someplace so we decided to hold a little gathering in our lounge in the Quad.







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