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Ok, I've been keeping all of you waiting long they pictures. I'll add MORE later...hopefully this is enough to keep you entertained. If you see a picture that you like just click on it and you'll find a larger image with a story about the picture.
Amanda Fountain 1Amanda Fountain 2Amanda hanging
Amanda Opening ElmoAmanda Senior PictureAmanda and Natalie
Amanda SkytramCary Crew outside counselorParty at the Quad
Elmo...who else?N64 in the QuadClean those pores
Jason and Amanda @ Cedar PointeMirror PictureOn the Porch #1
On the Porch #2On the Porch #3Jason in the Army
A shot please!Going to the Orange BowlBeating up on Kurt
Going to school
Beating up on NateLess than 100lbs?Magic
Superman BirthdayThe MagnumKatie and Santa
Katie on swingSixth Grade B-ballYummy, a cricket
Little KidsAmanda and SusanAmanda, Susan, and Katie
Brad's Graduation

Last picture added 12/15/00
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