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All right, time for me to get on my little old soapbox again. I hate reading an e-mail, receiving an instant message, or reading a page and the person doesn't use capital letters and normal punctuation. Here is a sample:

"hey man wuz up? i didn't get ur message until late. bob is funny isn't he "

Now, I don't mind slang words like "wuz" or "ur" as much as the every sentence beginning with a lower case letter. Lets think about this…you are sitting there typing a letter to someone. The person that you are writing obviously doesn't think you are an idiot right off of the bat, so why do you want to look like one? You are typing to begin with, and most people can touch type…the "index finger typer" is a rarity nowadays. How much work does it take to move your pinky finger about ¾'s of an inch to the shift key? Not very much, and I'm sure when you were taking typing in high school you wouldn't just make a sentence with a lower case letter to begin with!

While there is obviously more pertinent things for me to bitch about, some peoples electronic messages just suck! E-mails bug me the worse, and instant messages (AIM, ICQ, Yahoo, MSN) with lower cases are acceptable. Now, if you are sending one line, then fine…skip the punctuation and grammar that you elementary school teachers worked so hard to instill in you! But if it's a couple lines take some time and make it look good. I try very hard to make my e-mails and messages look normal, not just a bunch of jumbled lower case letters mixed together.

Maybe the only thing more irritating than the "all lower cases" is the SCREAMER. WE ALL KNOW THE TYPE, THEY LIKE TO TYPE WITH CAPS LOCK ON AND GO ON AND ON AND HURT EVERY ONE'S EYES. While the lower case guy just irks me, the screamer ticks me off. It is common knowledge among people that use computers more than once a week, that capital letters are the equivalent of screaming. I think that the all caps is more common among people just beginning to send e-mails and IM's. Hopefully the cap lockers eventually realize what they are doing so that everyone's eyes can be spared the CAPS.

This is pretty petty, I'll admit that…but I'm beginning to have fun doing these rants. Hopefully you don't think I'm some anal-retentive a-hole. I can live with pretty much anything, but the way I look at it is if I can help someone understand they are ticking a lot of people off, all the better. I'm just here to make the world a better place ;)

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