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What is Up With Handicap Parking Spaces?

Ok, time for my second ever rant, this time I have chosen to bitch and moan about handicap parking places and the people that park in them. Now, I in no means have anything personally against people that park in these spaces, and I absolutely despise people that park in them that do not have a permit. This is just me rambling on what I thought of while waiting in the license branch with Amanda on February 27th 2001.

I think that proof handicap spaces are over done and given out WAY too frequently is these super stores that combine a department store with a grocery store with a bank with a hair saloon with restaurants with a liquor store with a pharmacy with a garden with a morgue. They have dozens of handicap spaces so in my thoughts people deemed worthy by medical professionals and the Bureau of Motor Vehicles, are able to park close to the entrance and are not subject to a long walk to the store. theory this seems well and good until you think that these stores are HUGE.

When one of these stores first opened up I remember hearing that it was 4 or 6 or something football fields big. So these people get to park nice and close and then they walk up and down endless isles pushing a cart? What the heck? Does anyone else think that this is a bit strange and hypocritical? Granted inside these stores they have the motorized carts, but I have seen someone NEEDING them use them only twice. Usually these electric carts are used by stupid teenagers.

So what is the point in all this? I think that handicap places should be reserved for those that NEED them. People in wheel chairs, people that would use the electric cart, and those with valid health problems, not just someone looking for a close spot. I have known people on occasion ASK their doctor for a placard, when they really don't have anything wrong that would deem their use of these reserved spot. Another problem that ticks me off is how people park in these spots when nothing is wrong or they don't have a permit. As stupid as I think some people are for using the handicap places, those not even having a permit have NO reason parking there and if they do they should be ticketed. Speaking of parking spaces what is up with Super-Wally world? That is a whole different ball of wax and I'll have to cover that in a later post!
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