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Alright...on April 01, 2001 there was the fourth riot in 3 years at Purdue. Personally I find these disturbing when the students do this simply to destroy property. This is a little unusual for a rant because I will take you on a chronological history of some of my posts to Purdueonline. I'm really not going to get into any new topics...I'll just let you read what I have to say. I think that if you read my posts that you'll get a good idea where I stand. If your "really" know me in real life you will already know where I stand and it shouldn't be news to you. I take pride in my school and I guess that some students just don't understand how life operates. Now sit back, open a can of coke and enjoy...I just cut and pasted the posts I have made into M$ Word...set it at normal margins...12pt font and double spaced. A nice 11 pages. So sit back and read ;)

One innocent thread and I began my dialogue:

POST #1- Someone wrote in complaining about how bad tear gas is my reply:

I've felt that the military in we have what is called NBC (Nuclear Biological Chemical) training. There is a little 'ol cinder block building we stand in...the drill sgts lite up a crap load of tear gas grenades and one by one we remove our gas masks. We are then asked question by the drills. So we are standing in this gas filled room from 15 seconds to minutes w/no gas mask on. Tell you what... you'll never forget your social security number after they ask you it in the gas chamber. Also, in ftx (Field training exercise) you can expect to get tear gas 1-4 times. Tear gas is used to simulate a NBC attack. Also, you freshman...all you had to do was ask a junior about the riots, we've seen the big one after the women's championship in '99, and the little ones in '00. We knew you were going to get gassed if you did anything, the police aren't putting up with crap anymore. I don't think the administration wants the negative publicity (ie Michigan State).

POST #2 - This was just a new thread all by itself...Brent and Sean has yet to put up pictures...wonder if I had anything to do with it:

Hey you guys. I have some links for you: news040700002.html metro/0003/05/a01-9929.htm

I was laughing out loud after reading some of these. Brent and Sean, you guys could get called into court for the ip's, real names, and e-mails of those people posting about their riot experience this year. Hell, if in Michigan someone that roasts a hotdog on the bonfire can get prosecuted then I'm sure someone saying "I for one enjoyed the rioting tonight," is as likely to get prosecuted as the hot dog roaster!

The absolute funniest thing in any of these articles is the "Hall of Shame". The MSU Police made a website with pictures of the riots, and rewards if you could identify the people in it. More than 500 people called in and more than $20,000 was given out.

Now some highlights of the articles: "The city rewarded 85 people for information that led to the arrest and conviction of rioters in 1999. The reward money totaled $16,950"

"I never thought I'd be here," said Quitmeyer, sentenced to a week in jail for lifting her shirt for less than a second. "It's changed my whole life."

"Of the 113 people convicted, 94 went to jail. That 83 percent incarceration rate is higher than the 70 percent of first-time offender rapists and 55 percent of first-time offender robbers put behind bars, according to Bureau of Justice statistics. Only 22 percent of those convicted of public order crimes, which would include rioting and alcohol offenses, went to jail nationally. Rioters who didn't go to jail generally were convicted only of underage drinking or hosting a loud party"

"Anthony Pastor got the message early in the morning of April 7, when the Western Michigan University student awoke to find a SWAT team surrounding his Kalamazoo apartment. A warrant had been issued for his arrest for possession of an explosive devise, a felony punishable by up to 20 years in prison. His offense: He allegedly carried a small plastic bottle one-quarter full of rubbing alcohol at the riot"

Two female MSU students were sentenced to seven days in jail and $2,384 in restitution for dancing on the roof of a Jeep. A Michigan State football player was sentenced to 21 days in jail for cheering near a bonfire."

"I don't think they could have hit me any harder," said David Jirikovic, who spent two weeks in jail and was ordered to pay $5,000 in restitution for standing atop an overturned car. "I am not a bad person. The costs of my five seconds of stupidity are far overboard."

As controversial as the heavy-handed riot prosecutions have been, they seem so far to have accomplished their main goal: preventing another drunken rampage. Even convicted rioters who remain bitter about their treatment say they would avoid future melees.
"I would probably stay inside if there were a riot again," said Erik Hill, who was kicked out of MSU and spent 35 days in jail for his involvement in the riot. "I wouldn't want to be there."

POST #3- Someone said that there was 20,000 cops at the riot.

Actually it was 200 cops.

POST #4- Someone said that they rioted to celebrate the woman's basketball is my answer to that.

Here is a little quiz...its titled "Right to Riot".

1. Did you attend any Purdue Women's basketball games this season?

a. Yes

b. No

3. How many regular season games?

a. Every one!

b. Missed less than 3

c. Went to half

d. A couple

e. None

4. Did you go to the Final Four games in St. Louis?

a. Yes

b. No

5. If you didn't go to the Final Four games did you try desperately to get a ticket?

a. Yes

b. No

6. Did you watch the championship game? Every minute!

a. Yes

b. No

7. Was the championship game the first women's basketball game you watched all season?

a. No

b. Yes


Ok...time for the scoring. Score one point for ever "A" answer. Score 0 points for ever answer other than "A". Tally your points

6-7 Points: You are a Lady Boilers fan. You have the "Right to Riot" but you would never use that right because you know that it's stupid celebrating a loss by destroying property which you will just absorb next year in tuition. Not to mention the bad publicity can't be good for receiving tax dollars from the state. They are hardly giving the university enough this year and you wouldn't want to jeopardize millions of dollars for the chance to light a couple dumpsters on fire.

3-5 Points: You are a fan of the team, but you take a casual attitude towards every game. You will support the team only when they are winning. You refer to the women's basketball teams as "us" in reference to a win and "them" after a loss.

1-2 Points: You like the Lady Boilers, but you could care one way or another. All that matters is that you have bragging rights over your buddy that goes to another school in the Big 10.

0 Points: What can I were out rioting after the loss. The riots will be your only memory of the season this year. You were no where to be found on any of the other losses. Next season maybe go to a couple games and show a little support as they EARN their spot in the NCAA tourney. Showing your support for the team after the season is over is totally pointless, all the teams need our support during the season, not just after it's over.

POST #5- Someone posted that rioters are pieces of shit and someone flamed him and told him to "Get some balls", here is my reply:

"Get some balls little boy."
Need I say it takes more balls to post a message (like Phaedo did) with an account with your name, e-mail, webpage than to cower beneath the cover of Anonymous Coward. I suggest that you look down below your belt and check out your own balls before you start talking about someone else's.

POST #6- Someone once again flamed me, this time following my "Right to Riot" quiz. He told me that the reason they rioted was to see fire, destruction, and flashers. He also said it had nothing to do with the Woman's Basketball Team!:

Well, I would respond with a nice big response since that's my style. But since you are posting anonymously I'll skip that and give in to "precedent". As I speak I'm calling about 300 people in preparations for the next Purdue Chess Team meet (no offense chess team...couldn't think of anything else). After the meet (win or lose) we will destroy campus because that is the precedent we want. We don't need a precedent like sold out basketball games MEN AND WOMEN(heck the boys had trouble selling tickets to NIT games). I'm sure it will be nice weather and the campus will crowded. Not to mention I just love walking to class and seeing boarded up windows on the buildings on campus. It just makes me so damn proud to go to Purdue.

As for those that like to go rioting to See fire, destruction, and flashers need I suggest the Middle East where you constantly have riots. There not only do you get to see cars explode, but if you are the ones rioting you get bullets (rubber and real) shot at you! Don't hesitate, operators are standing by! For only the low price of $19.99 you can get a passport to start a new life in the riot paradise of the world! Act now!

POST #7- Some guy had a photo album on his page with him wearing a gas mask. He blamed retaliation against the cops and stress as a reason to riot. And my reply is:


Hey I checked out your photo album from the riots. Help me if I'm wrong, but having a gas mask on you will probably get you for inciting a riot, even if you are just standing around. If you read CMetzger's post below anyone knowingly or intentionally engages in the acts. I think having a gas mask on you classify's as you knowing what was going to happen. I have no doubt that the Purdue Police and administration is reading this thread...and they might find it interesting. Oh, and by the way, your 5th Amendment (self-incrimination) goes away when you open up your mouth and talk...and boy did you ever. I've been fairly quiet the last couple days, but as I see more and more pictures begin to show (including the nice long range shots from the police!) up online I get more and more frustrated. Now, ask yourselves what are the symbols of this University? The Bell Tower, Memorial Mall, University Hall, Slayter Hill. I look at these objects walking around campus (prior to April FOOLS day and feel a sense of pride that I've came here. Now, I see these pictures of a dumpster on fire in front of the bell tower, a tree attempting to be burned on Slayter, groups of people illuminated by spotlights in the Memorial Mall. I feel very little pride anymore. Is this what the University has to begin to include on Day on Campus day, tours of campus, or the handbook for incoming freshman? Is it really that important? Do the tour guides have to point to a broken window on ENAD and say "This was where in '01 a brick was thrown by a student." Then they walk past the bell tower "As you see the burn marks, the bell tower was unsuccessfully burned down". I don't know about you be the day that that happens is the day I leave this University.

As for the excuses that the riots was only a way for you to relieve stress. Give me a break! If you can't take the stress of living in a dorm, having your food cooked for you, your bathrooms cleaned, your sheets washed, doing a little bit of homework, and going to class you all have a hard smack in the face coming! Those of you that live in apartments or have to pay for everything yourself...I understand a little stress...but enough to destroy campus....come on! Hmm...let's think of stress relievers. Last time I was in the COREC there wasn't a line for the punching bags. The sky diving club is always looking for more members. If you are able body enough to run from the police and tear gas, throw bottles, and climb trees then you obviously could go for a nice little run around campus and appreciate the beauty of it. If you really have to destroy stuff to relieve your stress, may I suggest you and your friends go to your hometown and try to start a riot. Destroy the things that the people in your town, has worked hard to buy and make. I call West Lafayette/Lafayette home for the 4 or so odd years that I am here. This is my home of record...I vote here...I pay this county's tax...and for once I'm on the side of the community. I can't think of another topic that I've agree with the Purdue Alumni/people that live in the community when the write in the Exponent. I laugh at alumni when the talk about our behavior at football games and I dismiss people that live in Chauncey and complain about parties. But on this, I am standing with them. I think you all are probably luckier than you think. If you paid any attention to the LA riots or others like will realize that people have a right to defend their business and property from common hodlums. I don't think any of you would be too happy if you threw a brick through a liquor store and the owner shot you in the chest with a shotgun. In LA business owners would stand outside their buildings waiting for the looters (the line between looter/rioter is very thin...once you steal something you are a looter). I'd hate to think that business owners and home owners have to defend their personal property every spring because some of the students have to relieve stress.

I've also looked into what else the police can do in the case of a riot. Here are some about instead of CS (tear gas) they use some sternutators. Haven't heard of that one have you? Know what that does? I'll let the Federation of Scintists tell you about it 727. Signs and Symptoms. a. The onset of symptoms may be delayed for several minutes after initial exposure (especially with DM); effective exposure may, therefore, occur before the presence of the smoke is suspected. If the mask is put on then, symptoms will increase for several minutes despite adequate protection. As a consequence, the casualties may believe their mask is ineffective and by removing it expose themselves further. b. Inhalation is followed by a burning sensation in the nose and throat, hypersalivation, rhinorrhea, coughing, sneezing, nausea and vomiting. Mental depression may occur during the progression of symptoms. The paranasal sinuses are irritated and fill with secretions and severe frontal headache results. Prolonged exposure may cause retrosternal pain, dyspnoea and asthma-like symptoms. Symptoms reach their climax after 5 to 10 minutes and disappear 1 to 2 hours after cessation of exposure. Effects on the eyes are slight and are restricted to a burning sensation and lachrymation. Exposure of the skin to high concentrations will cause erythema and itching, proceeding to a burning sensation and vesicle formation. On the battlefield, high concentrations are not likely to occur so that affection of the eyes and skin is unlikely. Ingestion of food and water contaminated by sternutators may cause nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea (sometimes bloodstained) and weakness and dizziness have been reported. Now isn't that pleasant :) Makes it nice and easy for the police to arrest you when you are withering on the ground in a pile of puke. How about rubber bullets, soft shotgun pellets, nets, riot projectile launchers. The list goes on and on. Not to mention the good 'ol fashioned billy club to the head. You better hope that before your next "stress relief" the police don't arm themselves with better technology.

Probably 15+ times per week I hear someone say that they choose this University because of it's national reputation. The ability for them to get a good job or make lots of money. It doesn't take a genius to know that negative attention does no good, only harm. When CNN broadcast's a clip of 1000 Purdue students rioting, the general public does not see 1000 students out of nearly 40,000. They see ALL Purdue students taking part. Now, chances are good that a person sitting down to have their morning coffee Monday morning watched the segment of Purdue rioting...and that segment was then followed by Notre Dame singing the ND Fight Song and cheering as the ND Girls came home. That same guy that watched the news may be across from you in an interview someday...when he looks at your resume and sees that brand spanking new bachelor's degree from Purdue he will associate you with the behavior of the rioters...and I don't know about you but I wouldn't hire someone that does not care about other's property. What is going to stop this guy from stealing stuff, giving away company secrets, etc. You won't get the job and he'll hire someone from ND, simply because he/she had more class.

I've mentioned this before in another post, but I'm going to mention it again. Purdue is barely receiving enough money from the state to keep our tuition increases at or below the level of inflation. Next year when the state legislators decide what state colleges get what do you want less funding? The thought that IU might get money that we should get is very disturbing! $60,000 of damage in theory will only raise my tuition $2 or so a year. But if the state cuts off tens of millions of dollars of funding, I think tuition will go up a little more than two bucks. I hope all of you realize that the implications of one nights actions are more widespread and far reaching than just a night of "stress relief". It could impact you and your fellow students far into the future.

I love Purdue, but I don't love what happened Sunday. It disgraced the campus, the girls basketball team, and the students. I'm a student here and the simple fact that you disgraced me and possibly my degree is enough for me to be pretty upset.

Post #8- For now this is my last one...this is discussing whether or not Purdue will succeed in it's attempting at getting information garnered from the stills on the Purdue Police's Webpage.

Michigan State had no problem prosecuting over 100 people and paying out over $20,000 from the pictures that they posted on the web.

Post #9- Someone wrote in with a totally stupid post. They seemed to think that people's rights were violated when the police videotaped the rioters. Hello? My post includes a quote (the italics) from their post.

The Guy said: "Now I turn to the police handling of Sunday night's riots. First of all the local police agencies are violating public constitutional rights when they videotape these events. What is their legal base for such actions? "

Was the bank robber's right violated when he went into the bank, held it up, was videotaped and then his image shown on TV. A viewer recognized him and then called in. Criminal was arrested. End of story.

Students riot, light fires, destroy personal property, fail to vacate area's when told. Police videotape, people take pictures, pictures are shown. People recognize, criminal(s) go to jail. End of story.

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