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Our Favorite Links

This is a list of some of our favorite links...check them out...we sure do! Also...I'm always looking for new and exciting places to check out. Please e-mail me or contact me if you know of a neat site. Thanks

  • Hotmail- This is the world's most popular free e-mail service. It is what both Amanda and Outlook Express incorporates Hotmail, so you can check your mail with out even going to the webpage. Note...expect it not to work about 10-20% of the time.

  • Yahoo- A great sight with a bunch of options...we like Search, Games, Clubs, News, etc.

  • Purdue- Heck, it's where we go to school....maybe you'll learn something.

  • Go Ask Alice- This is a great site, people write in and someone (alias: Alice) answers their questions...a huge questions weekly.

  • New York Times- A great news source...go to find real have to register to read the articles...but it's free!

  • Toms Hardware- Amanda has never been here....but I go there all the's kind of technical but if you are interested in some in depth computer stuff this is the place.

  • Radionow 93.1- A radio station from Indy net broadcasted 24/7. Plus it is better than most of the radio stations in the greater Lafayette area!

  • Internet Speed Test- I like this site because it lets you see how fast (or how slow) your internet connection is...don't worry it might take a while to load if you are using a dial-up connection!

  • Outpost- This is a recent find of mine...Free shipping...sounds good huh? Well what if I told you that your order would be on your doorsteps next day...still for free! Cool huh? Next day shipping usually runs ALOT! This store is great...I ordered my speakers at 11:50pm on a 4pm Tuesday they were that is how internet shopping is supposed to be...this place has earned my business.  Update 4/26/01-  They no longer have free overnight they are just a "normal" internet store that is in line with all the rest.  I would still order if they had a good deal, but not as likely!

  • Boilermaker Central- This is my Purdue club...join and participate...right now it's kind of pitiful and I'd like to get it a little more active!

  • Purdue Couple- This is my girlfriend Amanda and I's page...check it's pretty similar to this as I haven't made each "unique yet" but you will find some different stuff on it!

  • Dr Drew- So you want love, health, or emotional advice. This is a good place to is the site of the infamous Dr. know him off of MTV's Loveline.

  • This is the place I go when I need to find some file or maybe I'm looking for some shareware to use and abuse. This place is pretty popular and has a huge selection so it's always a good place to check out!

  • Road Conditions- If you live in good 'ol Indiana this is a great place to go. It only runs December until March, but during those months it is a great help. You go to the page and it tells you to some extent what the roads are like in the state. I'm sure that your state has one of these too, just search for it!

  • South Bend Tribune- This is the paper I grew up is still a pretty good's no NY Times...but for a nice quick look at the news it can't be beat. Plus if your from the South Bend area you can check out the obituaries no matter where you are in the world.

  • Purdue Exponent- This is my local paper's the one I get 5 days a week, picked up various locations around campus. It is actually pretty darn good for a student produced paper...I enjoy it.

  • The Internet Movie Database- This is the place I've been going to since '98 for all my movie news. This site is can see every movie nearly every actor has ever been in. Search by filming site (that movie was filmed THERE?), actor, movie, etc. This place definitely needs checked out!

  • That was stupid- I just found this, saw a guy at school looking at this page. They have a lot of funny pictures, sounds, and movies...this is definitely a good site to check out if you want to blow some time.

  • Blind Date- If you've never seen the show on UPN it's pretty good. The website has outtakes and stuff so you can laugh. The page seems to have that "Homemade" feel to it, not what you'd expect from a "real" TV show....but other than that it's cool. I just wish they have more updates on what happens to the people they hook up! Like if they go out again or something...they always say they'll keep us informed but that never happens.

  • Ernies House of Whoop Ass- Ok, this page is vulgar, and there are some "inappropriate" sponsors, so please make sure you are at least 18 years of age, not psychotic or mentally unstable before you go there. Ernie does have some good advice to prevent spam and how to get out of a speeding ticket. I take no responsibility for what you find on his site...just remember that I found it interesting particularly those two sections.

  • Dumb Laws- Found this site last year and found it funny...see what is illegal in various states...I can almost GUARANTEE that you have broken some law in the past year somewhere.

  • Purdue Online - This is a site that just talks about random Purdue stuff. It's actually quite professional. I have on occasion submitted a story for the page...but nothing dramatic.

  • MSN - This is my personal homepage, I like to customize the content...its my guaranteed way to get my dose of news!

  • Steves Digital Camera's - This page is great! They have excellent and in-depth reviews, and a great discussion section. If you are thinking of getting a digi cam this is a stop you need to make! This is the site that helped me choose my camera.

  • Urban Lengends - What a great page! They have practically hundreds of urban won't believe some of the stuff you thought was true!!!

  • The DMA - Ok...if you get ANY SPAM in your mailbox click here...try to get rid of it...this takes your name off of lists...hopefully this works...if it does and I notice a decrease I'll make sure the world knows!

  • Purdue Doug's - This is one of my new Counter-Strike homes! I'm an admin so I hang out here a lot. Seems to be some pretty good competition and a bunch of maps to vote on.

  • 3D Files - This places covers a pretty broad range of computer related topics. I go here mainly for the forum which is pretty good.

  • Tweak Files - This is the sister site of 3d Files. They list shareware and freeware tweaks on a daily basis. I've found some pretty neat utilities here...some of which I've been using quite a bit. I check this page usually every day or two. I definitely recommend them!

  • The - This page does a lot of work for you. They cover a bunch of computer related sites and post their top stories daily. This will save you from having to go to a zillion sites to see some new interesting stuff! They also review some stuff themselves, but their main function is as a portal.



I'll add more all the time so check back soon!

Last updated 4/6/01

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