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These next couple are some from basic training...they may not make any sense to you...but I liked them :) Ok...just to warn you...these are from the the language is kind of harsh...but what do you expect from a bunch of men staying together 24/7?

  • "Provide the enemy with the maximum opportunity to die for their country" DS Junior

  • "March of fuc**** Die" DS Junior

  • "You are about two seconds away from pi**ing me off" DS McCaskil to my platoon

  • "Tell your drill sergeant you are a lazy worthless bitch" Some DS to PVT Wollum

  • "I will PT you until your fuc**** heart explodes" One of DS Grady's favorite sayings

  • "All right mother fuc**ers it's on" DS Grady to us when we messed up PT

  • "It feels like 6 little tinkle bells tickling my they sprinkled pixie dust!" SPC Goldstein announcing the feeling of Dr. Scholls when placed "down there"

  • "If you really want to know it's a fuc**** felony" DS McCaskil to a PVT for losing his military ID

  • "What the FU**" Everyone used this

  • "Don't sweat the small sh**" PVT Heddles



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