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Pictures IV

Ok, I've been keeping all of you waiting long they pictures. I'll add MORE later...hopefully this is enough to keep you entertained. If you see a picture that you like just click on it and you'll find a larger image.

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Superman Birthday This is me for my fourth birthday (I guess by the number of candles). I even had a big mouth back then. My mom was really on the ball too...dressed me to match the icing on my cake!
The Magnum This is of Wes and I on the Magnum at Cedar Pointe. It was the summer before senior year of high school. Boy those were the days....My mouth is SO big...
Katie and Santa This is of my sister with some old guy. This was Christmas of '99, she doesn't look like she is having very much fun...why not?
Katie on swing This is one of my favorite pictures of my sister. She is on the swing with one of her little pal's Schyler.
Sixth Grade B-ball This is me warming up in sixth grade. I was huge! In the background the best that I can make out is Steve, Jeremy, and Wes. We were playing Laville...probably the Laville tourney.
Yummy, a cricket This is of Susan at Bug Bowl '00. She is sampling a delicacy made of chocolate covered crickets. Below you can see the zoomed up image of her chomping down on a mid-afternoon snack. Surprisingly she didn't throw if only you can explain why she won't eat at Lonestar...but she'll eat bugs! She also ate meal worms that day. Not to single her out...but Amanda and I also ate some bugs...yummy!
Little Kids This is me and friends being goofy in sixth grade. Left to right: Scott, Brian, Me, Brad, Josh, and Steve. See...girls aren't the only ones that do each others hair at sleep overs!
Amanda and Susan Amanda and Susan at little sib's weekend November '99 (aka the weekend Jason went to Hooters).
Amanda, Susan, and Katie Amanda, Susan and Katie pose for a picture on my front porch while I was gone at basic this summer.
Brad's Graduation Brad at his graduation (which I didn't get to be there for thanks to basic).  

Last picture added 04/24/2001
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