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Pictures III

Ok, I've been keeping all of you waiting long they pictures. I'll add MORE later...hopefully this is enough to keep you entertained. If you see a picture that you like just click on it and you'll find a larger image

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A shot please! This is of my roommate Bhavnesh and I doing a shot of Tequila. Once again you can see how small the room was...amazing that I lived there for a whole school year with no problems.
Going to the Orange Bowl This is of my brother and I in Florida around New Years of 1990. We were going to the Orange Bowl to watch Notre Dame play Colorado. Believe it or not, at one time I actually rooted for another team other than they'll never let me in the John Purdue Club. Also...I had just busted Brad in the mouth and knocked both of his front teeth out...pretty good punch for a 11 year old! Just kidding about hitting him.
Beating up on Kurt This is of Kurt, Me, and Bhavnesh sometime freshman year. Me, being the bully had just flipped Curt in his chair.
Going to school This is of me when I was probably in Kindergarten or pre-school. I was majorly blonde huh?
This is some party when I was little. I had a huge amount of hair back then...I guess big hair was in during the 80's.
This is me opening up presents. No need to worry...that's not a real gun (that came the next Christmas!). It was one of those guns you pulled the lever back and when you pulled the trigger it made a pop. I don't know what baby is in the background...If I'd have to guess I'd go with my cousin John, or maybe my brother.
Beating up on Nate This one is of me beating up on Nate freshman year....he is in quite a compromising position.
Less than 100lbs? I think this picture sucks, but I put it on to show how skinny I was. I think that I could hide behind a flagpole....
Magic This is me exhibiting my magical powers. I am making this wooden spoon rise by using my mind. Not really...but that would be cool. This is my 1960's era kitchen in my dumpy apartment last year...I can't say their name because I don't want to be sued for slander...but please...try to remodel at least once ever 30 years...that should be like a national law or something. Orange counters should be with a medicine cabinet made when JFK was still president!

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