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Pictures II

Ok, I've been keeping all of you waiting long they pictures. I'll add MORE later...hopefully this is enough to keep you entertained. If you see a picture that you like just click on it and you'll find a larger image

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Elmo...who else? This is a scan of an Elmo that Amanda colored for me. It was on my wall the last year and a he is on my webpage. Amanda is very fond of Elmo...she thinks that he is a boy...I beg to differ. There is some show where it's like Cinderelmo or some crap like that...I'm not saying that I don't like him. He's all cute and ticklish...but they need to come right out and say what sex he is...come on...they are putting one over on kids everywhere (Amanda included).
N64 in the Quad From left to right Me, Bhavnesh, Kevin, and Wes. This was freshman year in our little dinky room in Cary Quad. We were probably playing Goldenye 007. We played the hell out of that game freshman year...we must have played at least 2 or 3 hours a night. It was a blast...I was never the best...but I was decent. Notice one weird thing about the smiles!
Clean those pores This is of Amanda and I taking advantage of some Biore strips. It is in her bedroom back home...I think it was over Christmas break of '99. I think that Amanda has kind of a pimp look in this...don't tell her I said that.
Jason and Amanda @ Cedar Pointe This one is of Amanda and I at Cedar Pointe in '99. I have doctored this picture shirt was originally a little wet. Amanda had decided to squirt some water at me for some reason (I was probably doing something to her), and I couldn't put a picture up of me with a wet shirt. The photographer is some stranger that was kind enough to press the button.
Mirror Picture This was taken sometime on our little vacation summer of '99. The bright stuff is the flash of the camera reflecting off of the mirror. **Notice the sunburns!**
On the Porch #1 This is of Amanda and I on my front porch back home.
On the Porch #2 This is another one of Amanda and I on our porch. In need to rescan this one though...We both had a pretty wicked case of redeye and I tried to doctor it up...well now we look kinda freaky.
On the Porch #3 This is of Amanda and I on my front porch back home, yep...another one.
Jason in the Army This is pretty much the only picture of me down at basic training. This is at the Reception Battalion...I'd been there like 2 1/2 weeks...we were FINALLY leaving for actual "basic". There's not really too much to say about this BDU's (the uniform) is all nice and green and not faded like it is now, underneath that hat there is no hair. That reminds me...I should scan my old military you can see me bald.

Last picture added 12/15/00
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